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Jesse Graham Galas is an actor, director, and professor of the performing arts.  With over 25 years professional experience on the stage, she has performed in musicals and plays across the United States, Europe and Asia, as well as on film and in commercials. She earned her MFA in Acting from Ohio University, along with a truthfulness and grounded physicality which she espouses in all of her roles as an actor, director and professor. She also received her Teaching Certificate in Michael Chekhov Physical Acting Technique from Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium in 2018. After living and working in NYC for 5 years, she took on the challenge of teaching the next generation at Troy University in Troy, AL for 4 years, and most recently played "Madame Baurel" in the National Tour of An American in Paris with Big League Productions while simultaneously teaching an online Intro to Film course for Troy University, until the tour was unfortunately was cut short due to COVID-19.  However, she is thrilled to announce that she has joined the team at Coker University as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Acting teaching Acting I, Acting IV, Movement, The Theatre Professional, and Film Criticism as well as directing "All in the Timing' by David Ives in the Fall and the musical "Little Women" in the Spring.

As an actor, she follows two quotes, "Acting is living truthfully in imaginary circumstances"~ Sanford Meisner and "There is no Art without Joy"~Michael Chekhov. While most of her early work was primarily in musicals, after moving to NYC in 2010 she branched into Shakespeare and film. She has played mandolin for over 10 years, and enjoys the challenge of bringing each unique character to life.

As a director, she encourages collaborative storytelling between cast and designers in both classical and contemporary styles. From blackbox page-to-stage small projects to mainstage musicals, she believes theatre as an art form is essential to humanity and every story gives both the audience and the artist an opportunity to grow.

As a professor, she strives to create a safe environment where her students feel free to risk while discovering and acting on their impulses. She has taught many courses (Acting, Movement, The Business of Acting, etc.) at several universities (Troy University, Marietta College, Kennesaw State University). She has presented several workshops at SETC and received a faculty development grant for 2 consecutive years for her work in Michael Chekhov. She has been both a season director and assistant director of plays and musicals, as well as having served as the Stage Combat and Intimacy Director for many shows.


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Vocal Range: C3 – C6 (Belt to C5)
Height: 5’5”
Dress Size: 12


 An American in Paris - USA                    Madame Baurel              Big League Productions                              Jeffrey Moss
 My Fair Lady – USA & Canada              Mrs. Pearce                       Big League Productions                              Jeffrey Moss
 My Fair Lady – China, Singapore        Mrs. Pearce                       Big League Productions                             Jeffrey Moss
Guys & Dolls – USA                                    General Cartwright        Big League Productions                             Jeffrey Moss
The Odyssey Experience - Ireland         Athena                                Baboro International Arts Festival        Christopher Parks
A Christmas Carol - USA & Canada      Mrs. Fezziwig                   Troupe America, Inc.                                  Pete Colburn
Always, Patsy Cline – TN, WV                Louise                                 Cumberland Co. Playhouse                       Terry Schwab
Smoke on the Mountain***                    June Sanders                    Cumberland Co. Playhouse**                 Rhonda Wallace
***(Toured entire trilogy)        **(company member – 3 years)


Clockwork Child (Zoom Reading)    Ada Lovelace                   Rapture Theatre                                         Megan Jacobs
Bye Bye Birdie                                          Mae Peterson                  Pioneer Summer Theater                       John Galas
Romeo & Juliet                                        Lady Capulet                    Pioneer Summer Theater                       Emily Heugatter
Mamma Mia!                                           Donna                                 Troy University Theatre                          Tori Lee Averett
The Three Musketeers**                     Porthos                               Birmingham Children’s Theater         Brandon Bruce
The Last Goodbye                                   Lady Capulet                    NYC Workshop                                            Alex Timbers
The Rover                                                  Callis/Musician               New York Classical Theatre                  Karin Coonrod
Henry IV, Part I                                        Mistress Quickly            Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey   Joseph Discher
Annie!                                                        Miss Hannigan                Prizery Theatre                                           Chris Jones
Steel Magnolias                                      Truvy                                   Derby Dinner Playhouse                         Jim Hesselman
Comedy of Errors                                   Adriana/Angelo/etc.      Playhouse on Park                                    Will Ditterline
Beauty and the Beast                            Mme. Grand Bouche     Cumberland Co. Playhouse                    Jim Crabtree
                                      **Fight Choreography - Alexis Black


Medal of Victory**                                Jean                                  Warehouse District Productions              Joshua Moise
Artificial I - Test                                     Professor                      Troy Cinematography Society                   Hope Rangel
Death of the Cool                                    Sukie                               419 Productions                                               John Heeg
                                      **Distribution on Amazon Prime


MFA – Acting – Ohio University - 2010
Acting: Shelley Delaney, David Haugen
Voice: Laura Parroti, Brian Evans
Movement: Rebecca VerNooy

BA – Theatre - University of Tennessee, Knoxville – 1999 
Voice: Andrew Wentzel; Kay Paschal

GLMCC – Michael Chekhov Physical Acting Technique - Certified Teacher Training Program, 2018: Mark Monday


Dialects: British RP, Cockney, Irish, French, German, Southern American, New York
Vocal Music: Soprano II, Sight reads music/Harmony, Alto Choral Experience– 30 years
Instruments: French Horn – 6 years/Rhythm Mandolin – 10 years/Various Percussion/Other instruments
Dance: Tap – 2 years, Jazz – 5 years, General “Mover” – 25 years
SAFD: Certified Actor/Combatant, 2001 - (Unarmed, Quarterstaff, Rapier & Dagger, Broadsword, Knife, Single Sword)
Misc. American Sign Language – Student - Level I; Juggling (3 rings/balls); 3x Half-Marathon Finisher

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Audition Reel

Musical Theatre Clips and Shakespeare monologues.

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Trojan Talk - Mamma Mia!, 2019 and Day of Theatre, 2017

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Death of the Cool - Clip

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Resume - Directing

Directing - Resume

Stage Direction, Fight/Intimacy Direction

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Michael Chekhov - Teaching Reel (SETC 2018, Troy Univ.)

Voice Lesson - Teaching Reel

Stage Combat Reel


  • Hartsville, SC, USA